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Fire Emblem: The Ancient Light
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Fire Emblem: The Ancient Light's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 28th, 2005
12:41 pm
Gamemaster has finished the first 6 chapters and the Prologue, which is 31 files altogether, 1 for the Bio, 1 for each chapter's opening (including the prologue), and then 3 to 5 comics per chapter.

He's gonna take a break now, as we have enough comics to fill a month's time (we aren't counting the Bio page as a comic, so it's 30).

I just have to finish editing. I'm up to the start of Chapter 5, but since I just edited the last 4 chapters, I'm really not up to this tedious job right now. I'll finish the rest later. Now we need to think of a site we can display these on...

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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
12:27 pm
Friday, July 8th, 2005
3:54 pm
Idea for one of Father Dolo's Minion's.
I was thinking about how cool TAL is, and thought up a character that fits my totally badass evil voice (mark and mike know what im talking about)

And thus we have the following:

Name: Elysion (ELY!!!!!!)
Meaning: Blissful Death
Class: Shaman >> Summoner or Druid (I'm not sure which fits me more)
Description: A Hooded figure that is occasionally seen alongside Father Dolo. However, Dolo tends to not be caught seen with Elysion in public, since the public wouldn't understand seing a "Very Holy man" such as Dolo seen with an outcast like Elysion.
Background: Elysion was a mage that delved too deeply into the roots of demonic power. Consumed by a lust for dark knowledge, he has tapped into chaotic magic from beyond the world. The Demon King (or whatever that monster Leon summoned in FE8 was) now feeds him his powers, allowing him to channel destructive energies and call upon the powerful emissaries of various demons.
Why this character fits me: Well, along with being an outvast like Ely is, I used to be a Straight A (with the occasional B) student, until Middle School. In middle school I began trying all sorts of drugs and other shit, which totally rocked my body, and soon after I stopped caring about school. Now, back to the Present, I still don't care about most of the school, except for classes that I like (like Psychology and History).

So, how does that sound? I'm only really making this character up, because WE ALL KNOW that in due time, we're going to need serious villians to be a thorn in the side of Jeo, Clara, and the Company.

I suggest that we all make up atleast ONE OTHER CHARCTER To be a Villian.

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
12:29 pm
Chapter 3-4
My brother is up to Chapter 3-4. Prologue has 3 comics, and Chapters 1 and 2 each have three. Chapter 3 has three finished and is currently in the middle of the fourth.

He's also made little explanations at the beginning of each chapter.

Once he's done with Chapter 3, I'll proofread it all, and see if I can save them into PNG on the laptop, then make a photobucket folder for it.

Another thing we have to consider is websites. We can't just have the comic displayed on here, because chances are, we won't get that many readers without a little publicity.

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
8:42 pm
So, i'd like to know how the comic is coming along thus far. Mike, if Mark has made any new strips, tell me via LJ, and then ill meet with ya on AIM to swap them.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
2:38 pm
Basic Information
We're still setting up and hopefully we'll get a site to display the soon-to-be-finished early comics, such as the Prelude and the beginning of "Chapter 1".

As of right now, only these members can post here, as they are involved in the creation/management of the comic:

The spriter/composer of the comic (as well as a another source of main ideas) is the younger brother of zairedwinters. He does not have an LJ and would rather not get one.

To add some info, here's the beginning of the story, as told by zerorevenge. Some names may have been made up at this time:

Storyline: Two childhood friends, Jeo and Clara are attacked by bandits in there hometown. After the wave of bandits is defeated, Clara's father - who is a very important man in the Holy Logos Church (I just made up the Holy Logos Church part now, I wasn't sure what to call it. We can always change it later) - disappears. A mysterious man comes in, and assumes Clara's Father's role as head of the Church for their town. Soon after, the bandit attacks start becoming more frequent. Clara, knowing that something is amiss, goes to confront the impersonator. However before she has the chance to, she is attacked, only to be saved by Jeo. However, now that this Mysterious Man knows that Clara is on to her, he orders everyone and anyone close to her to be eliminated - but to make it sound himself seem better, he labels the two children as "Heretics of the Church", no one disagrees with the Mysterious Man at that point. Jeo grabs Clara, and both escape the town, with this Man's agents on their heels. To give Clara a greater chance of survival, he tells them to split up while he attracks the enemies to him. This is where the story starts...

Yeah, that's basically the Prolouge. Afterwards, the storyline focuses on Jeo, who is a Trainee Mercenary, while he tries to stay alive. Many of the Man's agents as well as bounty hunters come after him. Jeo later meets up with his long-lost brother, Zai, who has been looking for Jeo for the past few years. The two catch up on their past, as the storyline switches over to Clara.

Clara, who is still distrought over the loss of her Father, and childhood friend is living the life of a vagabond on the streets of a closeby city. This is where she meets up with Victor. Victor is traveling assassin, he roams from city to city, entering himself in the arenas to make his living. Victor, being an assassin must have had some dark memories about his past, but those are always to himself, he fears of what might happen to him if anyone learns of it. Victor helps clean up Clara, as well as making her his Arena Assistant (she doesn't fight, but she is always there with a towel for him, etc) Soon after, as Victor learns that this Arena tour is coming to a close (meaning he's going to have to leave) so he teaches the young maiden how to defend herself. At the end of this saga, Clara becomes a Trainee Soldier.

The stroyline goes back to Jeo and Zai, who have recently come into greater skirmishes with bounty hunters, and bandits. Soon after we return to the brotherly duo, they are introduced to the outlaw bounty hunter Rune. Rune, who was a Hero at one time, is now a bounty hunter, trying to get the 100,000 gold bounty on Jeo's head (100,000 if he's brought alive, only 10,000 if returned dead). The two (Rune and Jeo) fight once, but are soon interupted by the nearby town's guards, who come after Rune, making him retreat. Later he brings a small team of mercenraies with him to capture Jeo. The two fight again, with Zai coming to safe Jeo at the last moment before Rune deals a killing blow. The third and final time they meet, is a one-on-one. Rune knocks out Zai before making his move against Jeo. The cunning bounty hunter goes in for the same move that he's used to defeat Jeo the 2 previous times, but by now, Jeo has learned to counter it. Jeo finally counters against Rune's "critical strike" and disarms him. Rune, totally caught offguard is defeated by Jeo, as Jeo slices Rune diagnolly across the face, leaving Rune in a pile of his own blood.

The storyline continues with Jeo and Zai as they enter a nearby town, ironically the same town that Clara is in. Rune, who is still alive, however lost his left eye, stumbles into town. Clara comes to his aid, and nurses his wound. Rune, struck by this girl's kindness, begins to grow acustomed to her and starts treating her like a sister. He continues her training with swords until he feels that he's trained her as well as he can. The two share stories about their past, and Rune feels that it would be too unsafe for Clara to stay with him, so one night while she sleeps, Rune skips town, moving on trying to recover that bounty (which he NEVER tells Clara about).

This is as far as we worked out in stone. We have alot of characters.
Jeo: A Trainee Mercenary who is trying to find his childhood friend, Clara. With a very strong sense of justice, and the will to wield a sword like a master, he travels on to fix what's wrong in his life. Age: 14.
Clara: Daughter of an important Priest in the Holy Logos Empire, her life quickly falls apart after her father's disappearance. Soon after being sperated by Jeo, is trained by Victor, and later Rune with swords, and spears. After Rune leaves her side, she is deemed to be a Trainee Soldier. Age: 14.
Zai: Jeo's long-lost brother, whom has been searching for Jeo ever since he learned that he was alive. He is a Rogue who tries to recover the brotherhood which he's never known of. Age: 18.
Victor: A traveling Assassin who goes to Arena-to-Arena to make his living. However a cold person on the outside, he is very caring to those whom he feels deserve it. Age: 19.
Rune: An Hero class bounty hunter, considered an outlaw in almost every town under control of the Holy Logos Empire. His past his clouded in mystery as he is rumored to have once been a noble Hero of the people before falling from grace. Age: 18.
Nejik: An Archer-for-hire. Orginally is seen working for the Holy Logos Empire as he comes after Clara, but is defeated and spared by Victor. His past as been nothing but trouble to him; he is just trying to find what his destiny is. Later on teams up with the party after becoming a Sniper. Age: 16.
Haru: A Teenage Boy with a dream to become the best chef possible. However his dream is soon ruined, and he is forced to find another profession. Using his anger and rage to his advantage, Haru becomes a Berserker, and Arena fan-favorite. Age: 16.
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